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Does the Winner take it all


Mikael was on par with the best golfers in the circuit…However he never seemed to win any trophies. He was quiet and dedicated and sought to improve at every stage. He kept fit and did his best to play well and improve.

During his time he had a few top golfers who kept winning in turns the various big tournaments.

Alfred was steady and focused and most often came away with the top spot.

Dean was more flamboyant and knew that he possessed the skills which could beat anyone on his good day.

But Mikael was the one to watch. He practiced 24×7 and wished to make a mark in life.

He had tremendous faith in God. He kept fit in simple ways and was disciplined in his time.

He gave the best part of his day to the Lord in the morning .

Alfred once asked him” Hey Mike, why do you come in late morning for your practice?”

And Mikael quietly replied” Well,  I give myself to the Lord first, as all I am and have is from Him”

The other guys listening were amazed , and Dean chipped in “ but how come you don’t win anything Mike.”  To which Mike’s simple answer was   “ in His time he makes all things beautiful”

The Indian Open was fast approaching. Preparations were on. The best golfers were expected.

They all were focused on their training and diets.

Mikael kept to his morning quiet time , and then turned to his practice and other preparations.

On the big day, he was calm and confident. Whereas Alfred and Dean were in their zones of anticipation. Alfred totally serious . Dean appearing nonchalant .

They started on their rounds. Halfway through one sees Alfred beginning to get fatigued. The tension increases. He swings and it comes on too firmly.. He whispers to Mikael “ I don’t understand , what is happening . My strokes are getting messed up.” Mikael calms him down “ Relax, you have the strokes to play better” and prays quietly for Alfred, ” Lord, help him to recover his poise. “ Next moment Alfred delivers the best stroke and goes on to get a very good average.

Next we see Dean taking his stance . Overconfident as usual he starts off well and within a few moments loses his composure when his caddy trips behind him.” Hey what’s wrong with you; you have just ruined my concentration” Thereafter Dean makes a mess of his rounds and is way behind in the final tally.

Mikael however goes about his rounds with great dedication. He is silent, confident, and at peace. He seems to enjoy his game.  His days of preparation and discipline show on the course. He gave his best. But still Alfred wins the Cup.  Mikael is runnersup

Did Mikael lose? Ask Alfred. He says” I owe my victory to Mikael . His quiet words of encouragement gave me so much confidence at the time I was playing poorly.”

Mikael smiled and said “ We are all winners when we play our best… Even though only one wins the cup. How we approach the game is important. After all its not life and death. May we all rise above winning and losing, and really enjoy the game.”

Does the winner take it all??

Rise above Crisis


Todays biggest crisis is that of  violence. In  the past wars were fought between countries. To a large extent, certain rules were followed. Civilians were not usually targets of the enemy. So what has changed ? Who is the enemy? Where are the boundaries or rules of warfare.

Violence has become a very common affair. Its so easy to become a victim or nowadays even a perpetrator.

What are the reasons for one to lose all sensibilities in relating to another human being ?

There are many,  but it is a grey area which needs a lot of exploration.

Without naming or branding any person or group, one of the features which have led a person into this mode most likely seems to me a lack of acceptance on the individual’s life. He or she has experienced frustration on various accounts. It can be lack of love, rejection, failure, social inadequacy, and a sense of deprivation.

Such persons become easy targets for indoctrination. No human being will normally think that to kill another is a pathway to heaven. It is an abominable lie to convince anyone that another human being is not of the same mind or faith, and deserves to be eradicated.  But why is this suddenly developing into a Crisis ,when even educated people from developed countries and from stable families have suddenly disappeared to appear in a different mode..of a radical, ready to kill?

What is our response?

The only response is to have a mind which is “ of power, of love and a sound mind”

Have you heard of the saying “ Love your enemy”?

Many enemies will change their approach when they experience love. This love is not the one depicted in Movies. It is to rise above judging another. To be inclusive. To pray for another. To be compassionate.

To consider the needs of another. Not to be boastful or rude. .Not to be envious. Not to be provoked to anger. Not to keep a record of wrongdoing.

To bear with patience, to hope, to endure, and to believe  ….in the love of our Heavenly Father!!!!

John 3:16 “ Yes God so loved the world that he gave his only Son , that whosoever  believes in Him may not perish , but have eternal life.”

The Mayflower Tree


There she stands in full bloom. The leaves in lush green and all the grandeur of flowers in a riot of colours. How old  will it be.  I have no idea. All I know is that it has been there since I was a child.

The  tree made its presence felt,  when we saw the roof above our kitchen strewn with the bright orange flowers. However, besides its beauty on the tree, it was not very helpful to my Mum, who had to get the roof cleared off all the fallen flowers. Invariably someone had to climb the roof to do this. We liked the tree as it gave such joy at summer to see it in full bloom. Mum looked at this differently. It was a tiresome task to clear the roof every time.

Years have gone by. Now we have a terrace over the kitchen instead of the roof. There is also a beautiful garden, well kept by my wife. She loves plants of various kind even the ones bearing flowers. So will you expect a different approach to the Mayflower tree.

Not so. This tree  stands even taller . Her branches have spread much wider. Of course the flowers at summer have increased in their profusion. So we come to  a similar story again. Flowers fall consistently. Clearing them is a lot easier. There is no roof, so we need to just sweep them away. Has this been helpful?

There is much to explain. The fallen flowers  are still not welcome. The overhanging branches which provide such beauty and shade …..also cause birds to perch and then …come their droppings.

You and I love nature; how can we accept it with joy.  Birds on the trees, flowers in full bloom….and then the after effect….the debris….to clear.

I wonder how birds and flowers view human beings. Instead of more trees and birds, we have more concrete jungles. With so called development, the forest with all its wildlife gradually begins to disappear. Where will there be nesting places. And by the way, where do leaves and flowers fall in the forest . Who clears it . Yes nature is much better in the process of recycling. This latter term is now used as a something new in man’s history. But it existed since ancient times.

I grew up when mud existed in our compound. We played various games like marbles, tops, sticks and stones, gilli danda (an Indian game), besides the other games like hockey and cricket. I remember seeing the fine funnel like holes in the mud; and we tried our best to catch the tiny creature who had prepared this work of art, without much success.

Times have changed. We now have paved ground in most places in our cities. Todays children have no time to play the outdated games. Today we have ‘gaming’ indoors; you sit in one place and play ‘virtual’ games.

Coming back to the Mayflower tree. How long will we allow it to stand. Will we see the days when man may install artificial trees; since they will not have any old flowers and leaves falling. Will we see  birds frequent our environment?

Give it a thought. An awareness of nature around us, will help us to save the earth….its fields, forests, birds and animals.

But first and foremost, man must live in peace to start this work. The destructive actions of men in so many parts of the world , will only cause the end of his environment. Where will  these killing fields spread next? Can this debris of hatred be overcome by love and understanding ?

We  wait in hope for the new heaven and  new earth…..looking after the vineyard of our lives, until the day we meet the Master of this vineyard!!!

May my Mayflower tree be symbolic of all that’s beautiful in nature….and a time of waiting, and hoping and caring;

Until  we hear the One seated on the throne say “ Behold, I make all things new”. (Revelations 21:5)


The Mayflower tree, overhangs the terrace; eversince the monsoons, most of its flowers have fallen, but the tree is well foliaged

Flying the Nest

DSC_0221(Straight as the Crow flies)

The Mother Crow is all eyes as I watch her guarding her nest of baby crows. She   has finally finished for the day.  Her duty nearly done, feeding the little ones.

They are so vulnerable. The cries are are ever so feeble. Who will sustain them in sickness or in bad weather.What are the guidelines for their diet. Will they get all they need. Where is the shelter. In changing climes, can we see any movement from the insecure nest perched on a high branch.

Miriam their mother, of course is ever concerned about the 3 little ones. All three cry at the same time. Who can say, that one gets more or one less. Little Jack is forever half asleep. He is not quite big enough. Doug is the stronger one, and ever ready to stretch when food arrives from Mother.

Sue is the delicate one, very alert for food, and yet Miriam is concerned for Jack.

Their nest time, is very close and secure….or so it seems.  Wait! Who goes there.  Miriam the mother has just flown in with some last tasty morsels for the three hungry ones.

Its getting dark…. can it be, there is also another hungry creature on the prowl.  Not flying…. but a crouch, and then absolute silence. Whoop, and a gotcha, but the nest overturns and then…


Where are they??

How can we forget Carey the Father Crow. Here he comes flying in with such speed to stall the fall, with his mighty wings and fly with his precious burden. But where to…….. Which trees, and how high……..

Miriam crow provides some relief ; The bigger danger is averted; now comes the languorous wait, to start a  new nest.


We fly to the future. The nests are empty;. Jack, Doug and Sue have found life and mates. They fly with new found confidence. The cycle completes with  new nests…..

Question…. Do crows have memories…..of parents, nests, siblings, and blessings of happy times?

And the parents……where are they?

We see a pair of crows ….  A new beginning, and  another nest.






Re Fresh

Dan rushed off to work. He always led a fast paced life . He spent a lot of time at the office. Hugh on the contrary led a sedate life. He was tall and had a casual appearance. They worked in the same department and reported to the same boss. Jim  the boss was an observant man, who knew his men very well.

Now it was the runup to the budget week. There was a lot of research to be made on the past performance and the changes to be initiated to improve. So one can understand the need to meet deadlines.

Dan worked with such speed without recourse to any time off. He invariably reached home late. There was no time for anything. His usual question was more of a formality “Darling how are you today? Anything interesting for dinner?” His wife quite concerned at his stressful condition replied” I can prepare the best for you; how will it help when you cannot enjoy the meal with me , in quietness….choosing to forget office and converse with me.”

Hugh reached home in normal time. He stepped into his home and hugged his wife Katy. “ How glad to be home; got some delicious fruits on the way. Waiting to enjoy quality time with you over dinner.” What warmth and love showed between Hugh and his wife.

Dan  did not speak much at dinner. He gobbled his meal and retired to scan his mobile for latest messages on the email or whatsapp or his facebook page to check whats going on. Not a word from him even as his wife waited.

Hugh enjoyed his meal sharing an interesting conversation with his wife with such gusto. It appears he savored every moment , even time spent at home.

At bed time, Dan collapsed , without a thought of reviewing his day or even turning to the Lord.

Hugh had some more conversation with his wife and then retired for the night  . He first proceeded to empty himself of all that had not gone well during the day. He just discarded it, or what in modern terms means ‘deleted’ stuff that was not worth keeping in mind. But he then prayed to be filled with a newness that only the Spirit of God can can give. He then moved into stillness,  to have quiet communion with the Almighty.

This emptying and filling , helped Hugh tremendously and gave him so much more for the next morning. He again turned to the Lord at the start of the new day thus always keeping the Lord first in everything.

His best quote is” Lord empty me of all that is not of you, and fill be with your Holy Spirit Amen”

Who was more fruitful? Jim will tell you. Naturally the one who slowed down and got renewed daily. Budget or any other important matter, cannot weigh down Hugh. He meets all deadlines. But Dan struggles most of the time. When appraisals are made , who do you think got a promotion?

That’s the time to see …. Why empty me …. why fill me Oh Lord!


The Journey

DSCN6894Where goest Thou?

Today, tomorrow and



It’s a journey within.

I see the beauty

Of God’s creation,

When He opens my eyes.


The peace within

Breathes  without;

To my neighbour

My brother and sister.


I discover

The cool breeze,

The sound of the trees,

Birds in the air

Fish in the sea,

All hailing their Master.


Who am I  to possess,

But share in this beauty.

With those around me.

No boundaries or

Narrow walls to divide

One from another


My life but a short span

And then ?

Does it really matter,

What I have and Possess?

All given by the Giver,

With such love



So let us live

To see with our eyes

Hear with our ears,

And enjoy every moment

From the Master’s

Loving Hands,

A love beyond compare.

Clouds Sublime

I look up and smile,
Sunny skies all alight.
The brilliant blue ,
through cumulous clouds.
When will I see you,
Water borne,
And waiting ,
Ready to provide.

I thirst and cry,
For your riches
Of heavy clouds;
An outpouring
Of sustenance
On my well being.
Seeming Problems,
Seen Solutions .

Overcast skies
And dismal scenes
The very struggle
For daily needs,
And lo such growth
With hues of green,
Fresh and free,
Forever thankful,
Oh Lord to Thee!