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University of Life


There is an adage that says, one needs a good education i.e. degree or post degree , to secure a job and achieve success. So does education really stop after one attains this goal.
Books: let’s see what we read and gain from books. Why does one Read? Is it to study, enjoy a moment of humour, learn about a subject of interest, or just out of curiosity. Well as student one may just go through the motions to prepare for an exam. There again the learning process may only be by rote and the matter is forgotten after the exams. What is the level of interest. I enjoy only what appeals to me. At an age when a young person likes outdoor games, how will books and rote learning interest me. It may if it leads me to its practise in real life what I have read.
Exams: this is one of the most disturbing ways of rating young people. Marks is no criteria to assess one’s level of education, or character formation. Consider the current trends of cheating to gain high marks. After that what is the next step. Exams then only fulfill the purpose of getting good marks and then a certificate.
The University of Life: we now come to the stage of living life after an education which many people realize that the learning process has not stopped. No matter how a student has fared in his academic life with good qualifications, he soon has to learn his new found job from the very beginning. Over and above that he needs to learn how to relate to people in his organisation. How well he learns and how fast, will determine his success in life. So this learning from life is most crucial to a person. He will experience success and failure. What will count is his perseverance. How he relates to his colleagues, his boss and his subordinates, is his key to success. His ability to be a person who gets along well with others and seeks the welfare of others inspite of the daily trials will be a landmark of success.
So the best teacher is life itself and the fruits of perseverance is a more wise and loving person.
This is something that no university can impart except the university of life itself.