Flying the Nest

DSC_0221(Straight as the Crow flies)

The Mother Crow is all eyes as I watch her guarding her nest of baby crows. She   has finally finished for the day.  Her duty nearly done, feeding the little ones.

They are so vulnerable. The cries are are ever so feeble. Who will sustain them in sickness or in bad weather.What are the guidelines for their diet. Will they get all they need. Where is the shelter. In changing climes, can we see any movement from the insecure nest perched on a high branch.

Miriam their mother, of course is ever concerned about the 3 little ones. All three cry at the same time. Who can say, that one gets more or one less. Little Jack is forever half asleep. He is not quite big enough. Doug is the stronger one, and ever ready to stretch when food arrives from Mother.

Sue is the delicate one, very alert for food, and yet Miriam is concerned for Jack.

Their nest time, is very close and secure….or so it seems.  Wait! Who goes there.  Miriam the mother has just flown in with some last tasty morsels for the three hungry ones.

Its getting dark…. can it be, there is also another hungry creature on the prowl.  Not flying…. but a crouch, and then absolute silence. Whoop, and a gotcha, but the nest overturns and then…


Where are they??

How can we forget Carey the Father Crow. Here he comes flying in with such speed to stall the fall, with his mighty wings and fly with his precious burden. But where to…….. Which trees, and how high……..

Miriam crow provides some relief ; The bigger danger is averted; now comes the languorous wait, to start a  new nest.


We fly to the future. The nests are empty;. Jack, Doug and Sue have found life and mates. They fly with new found confidence. The cycle completes with  new nests…..

Question…. Do crows have memories…..of parents, nests, siblings, and blessings of happy times?

And the parents……where are they?

We see a pair of crows ….  A new beginning, and  another nest.






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