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A photo excursion to Glasgow University -Kelvingrove Park-Art Gallery and Museum

A good friend offered to take me for a photo excursion to Kevingrove Park , Glasgow university and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

He is passionate about photography.

We drove first to Kelvingrove park . The weather was cold . We got a few pictures since there was no rain .

The Oak tree intrigued me with its majestic appearance. Moreover it’s leaf had 5-6 parts . Autumn changes led to the colour change happening .

We crossed the bridge over a river. I saw two students feeding a bold squirrel and missed a picture as my dslr needed a correction . Tony did the needful .

We moved on to the Glasgow University.

The exterior structure was impressive. As we entered I was surprised to see the Mid-wife department among others .

Two students were practising kick boxing . What was unique were the arches where I was photographed. We entered in and saw the grand staircase with a beautiful carpet all the way up

On leaving we walked down a path and I learnt that some of the grounds were sold to the University by a hospital earlier which has shifted to a larger area nearby .

Most interesting was the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum . Before viewing the various items on display we took a break at the cafe to have their soup of the day .

There was a lot to see at the museum on art, design,and much more. Items on display change periodically.

The paintings were most interesting. I saw many original paintings of the Glasgow team of artists . There were country side themes, a station scene and tennis players of old times . The model of an antique car interested me most . The designer was James Anderson. The car had unique features . It was believed to travel at 100 Mph . The speedometer was on the bonnet , headlights rotated in the direction of the steering . A full windscreen could be replaced by aeroplane style smaller screens at the turn of a handle when increasing speed.

Dali’s painting of the crucifixion of Jesus was stunning . It gives a view from the top – down . Below is the world for which , Jesus came as Saviour .

Let’s hope that world leaders give importance to the recent climate changes at the Conference in Glasgow, to ensure precautions needed to preserve our environment.

Our trip ended with the drive back . The various roads we drove through would soon be closed for the Climate Conference.