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Tryst with Dubai

Two weeks flash past ;

starts with a surprise upgrade

On the flight

Then the warm welcome

From daughter Annalize and

Ian her beloved .

Special meals in-house

As well as fine dining

With a taste

of local cuisines

And some from afar

Family gatherings were fun,

Music and song to bring out the joy;

Birthday celebration

Not once , but twice !

And then Ras Al Khyma,

A weekend resort

Seaside encounter

And dip in the ocean!

Two evenings of tennis

Count four stars

To experience the joys

Of service , returns

And deft placements .

Alas, the final day of

Sights to see;

The well known Dubai Mall

Giant Dinosaur, Giant Aquarium,

And an exquisite display of fountains to music !

Oh yes the tallest and scintillating

Bhuj, at sundown,

Glitters in solitary splendour

Thanks to Annalize and Ian

Tilll we meet again

Bye bye Dubai !

Welcome meal

TT in serious mode

Warming up for tennis doubles
Vincent and Ian
Annalize and Anjean

With friends
Birthday celebration
The second celebration with Felix (brother)
At old Dubai
Weekend at Ras Al Khyma
Largest dinosaur skeleton
Musical Fountains
The two of us
with the Bhuj background