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Shooting The Robins

The Pair of Robins

At first I saw only Mr Robin . He was quick as if on a mission . He proudly displayed his red chest. With short flights he flew first to the fence ; looked around and then descended onto the lawn .

“ Wait a while my dear , I will get a few leaves for our nest. “

“Yes ” replied Mrs Robin “ Yes indeed , with the winter gone , we need to hurry. “As she sat on the opposite fence below a bush all puffed up . They were soon to start their little family .

That’s the time a shot rang out . Mr Robin disappeared to safety .

There was silence for sometime. Mrs Robin seemed unconcerned on her perch amidst the bush over the fence .

Again Mr Robin flew down into the grass caught a another leaf in its beak , just in time as the second shot sounded .

This time his partner too flew off and he followed .

What were these shots …. would anyone try shooting robins ?

…….after all even the click of a camera will be loud enough for robins to fly away . Do you think they will return tomorrow ?

Turn off the Shower

Running shower head

So it’s Day 3,of my stay at the hospital.

The care has been excellent. I’m in line for the CAR-T Cell Therapy at Glasgow. In view of this latest treatment for cancer, hygiene is given utmost importance. My room is self contained with the bath attached.

This morning I arose a little late as I was in pain .

As a result, my morning routine changed . I had breakfast and then proceeded for a shower. I was surprised when the nurse called out a little later,

“Turn off the shower.”

“I’m ok “ I replied , thinking that she came to help me .

Again she called out with urgency.

So I hurriedly wrapped the towel around me with some soap still on myself.

As I opened the bathroom door I saw a pool of water in the room. Water had also flowed out into the corridor .

Most embarrassing: three nurses were helping to swab the floor.

I asked them apologetically , “ How do I continue to shower?”

“ Turn the shower towards the wall.” was the response . ( apparently this had happened before)

So the next time I will have to go into the wall !….I chuckled to myself.

Solution : a mason or plumber required to channel the flow of water into the drain .

Some think , the nurses may have to wait for a good length of time before that happens.

In the mean time here’s advice to all including me “turn off the shower’ and save water !”

Tennis Laff

That’s me Vincy

Have you ever laughed at yourself?

Try it ….and enjoy it .

I’ve always been an avid tennis lover – Playing the game and following it too.

We have seen some great tennis players over the years. Among them I had favorites like

Roger Federer, Rod Laver , Boris Becker , Bjorn Borg , Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi

The intensity of Rafael Nadal surprised me as I thought he would fade away as a result of the way he played. Kudos for his disciplined approach to fitness which stood him well.

The biggest draw at the peak of his career was John McEnroe. The red band and the fiery temper had been a unique pattern of tennis on court .

This caricature by Ian my son in law, surprised me as it linked the famous McEnroe to me . My tennis cannot be compared to him though at some time in my younger days I could compete for being very short tempered .

Those days we played with normal racket heads whereas times have changed . Today the large head is an advantage not to forget a head that is tough and talented .

So cheers to Ian for helping me reminisce the past, when great tennis rivalries continued over the years.

I eagerly wait to get back on court and enjoy a good game.

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