Re Fresh

Dan rushed off to work. He always led a fast paced life . He spent a lot of time at the office. Hugh on the contrary led a sedate life. He was tall and had a casual appearance. They worked in the same department and reported to the same boss. Jim  the boss was an observant man, who knew his men very well.

Now it was the runup to the budget week. There was a lot of research to be made on the past performance and the changes to be initiated to improve. So one can understand the need to meet deadlines.

Dan worked with such speed without recourse to any time off. He invariably reached home late. There was no time for anything. His usual question was more of a formality “Darling how are you today? Anything interesting for dinner?” His wife quite concerned at his stressful condition replied” I can prepare the best for you; how will it help when you cannot enjoy the meal with me , in quietness….choosing to forget office and converse with me.”

Hugh reached home in normal time. He stepped into his home and hugged his wife Katy. “ How glad to be home; got some delicious fruits on the way. Waiting to enjoy quality time with you over dinner.” What warmth and love showed between Hugh and his wife.

Dan  did not speak much at dinner. He gobbled his meal and retired to scan his mobile for latest messages on the email or whatsapp or his facebook page to check whats going on. Not a word from him even as his wife waited.

Hugh enjoyed his meal sharing an interesting conversation with his wife with such gusto. It appears he savored every moment , even time spent at home.

At bed time, Dan collapsed , without a thought of reviewing his day or even turning to the Lord.

Hugh had some more conversation with his wife and then retired for the night  . He first proceeded to empty himself of all that had not gone well during the day. He just discarded it, or what in modern terms means ‘deleted’ stuff that was not worth keeping in mind. But he then prayed to be filled with a newness that only the Spirit of God can can give. He then moved into stillness,  to have quiet communion with the Almighty.

This emptying and filling , helped Hugh tremendously and gave him so much more for the next morning. He again turned to the Lord at the start of the new day thus always keeping the Lord first in everything.

His best quote is” Lord empty me of all that is not of you, and fill be with your Holy Spirit Amen”

Who was more fruitful? Jim will tell you. Naturally the one who slowed down and got renewed daily. Budget or any other important matter, cannot weigh down Hugh. He meets all deadlines. But Dan struggles most of the time. When appraisals are made , who do you think got a promotion?

That’s the time to see …. Why empty me …. why fill me Oh Lord!


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