Rise above Crisis


Todays biggest crisis is that of  violence. In  the past wars were fought between countries. To a large extent, certain rules were followed. Civilians were not usually targets of the enemy. So what has changed ? Who is the enemy? Where are the boundaries or rules of warfare.

Violence has become a very common affair. Its so easy to become a victim or nowadays even a perpetrator.

What are the reasons for one to lose all sensibilities in relating to another human being ?

There are many,  but it is a grey area which needs a lot of exploration.

Without naming or branding any person or group, one of the features which have led a person into this mode most likely seems to me a lack of acceptance on the individual’s life. He or she has experienced frustration on various accounts. It can be lack of love, rejection, failure, social inadequacy, and a sense of deprivation.

Such persons become easy targets for indoctrination. No human being will normally think that to kill another is a pathway to heaven. It is an abominable lie to convince anyone that another human being is not of the same mind or faith, and deserves to be eradicated.  But why is this suddenly developing into a Crisis ,when even educated people from developed countries and from stable families have suddenly disappeared to appear in a different mode..of a radical, ready to kill?

What is our response?

The only response is to have a mind which is “ of power, of love and a sound mind”

Have you heard of the saying “ Love your enemy”?

Many enemies will change their approach when they experience love. This love is not the one depicted in Movies. It is to rise above judging another. To be inclusive. To pray for another. To be compassionate.

To consider the needs of another. Not to be boastful or rude. .Not to be envious. Not to be provoked to anger. Not to keep a record of wrongdoing.

To bear with patience, to hope, to endure, and to believe  ….in the love of our Heavenly Father!!!!

John 3:16 “ Yes God so loved the world that he gave his only Son , that whosoever  believes in Him may not perish , but have eternal life.”

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