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A fair poll ….for honesty

In a democracy one looks forward to a fair poll . Since the days of the ballot paper vote, the EVM ( Electoral Voters Machine) is the recent development. On the face of it , this may seem a good way of voting . It is quick and immediately sends the vote to the respective candidate , once the voter presses the button of a particular candidate .

Have you heard of the EVM being misused or even of defective machines . There have been reports that in such cases , whatever button is pressed for voting a specific candidate , the vote does not go to that candidate, but elsewhere to another candidate through manipulation of the machine or through a defect.

Political parties have been raising their voices to revert back to the traditional ballot paper.

This may be a better option and give less chances for any fraud.

You may be aware of booth capturing by goons who deprive the people of their fair vote .

There have been cases , shown on video , in a certain country , where inspite of having ballot paper vote , the ballot boxes were being stuffed with fake votes for a particular party . No wonder these dubious means of conducting elections ensures a particular party or person continues in office .

What constitutes a fair election ? Will we see the days of honesty being given priority .

Will we see democracy being replaced by a dictator or fascist government?

One of the most disturbing developments is to see elected candidates being bought over by the party in power.

Whom do we blame the giver or the receiver ?

What is your opinion of what constitutes a fair poll ?

Why slow down

My favorite cup

Years ago I remember reading a comic strip with some humour to it…Slo Jo was a cowboy, who faced the Ketchup Kid…. It was not the usual gunfight however. Here the test was on who could down the burger faster…    The Kid finished his burger rapidly….and then  watched Slo Jo relishing his burger with Ketchup   , taking his own time… the lesson for the Kid… , enjoy the burger…what is the hurry?

I think , many of us are immersed in work, and have a problem of time… we  become busy, stressed and worry about work to be done…

I am sure we all had coffee/tea breaks..but was it like the Ketchup Kid or like Slo Jo

Often the best moments are when  one actually savours the moments either alone or with friends.

I have tried coffee from  roasted coffee beans ground and filtered…. with a dash Sheridan .

……slowly like Slo Jo…while I smell the coffee, savour the taste ..and appreciate the situation around me… my friends, colleagues, family or just connecting with nature …

Time passes by… I see some of my good friends who have worked hard and done well in their careers. One case stands out. Today he has been overwhelmed with multiple health problems. And worse still  he has fractured his hip, and now  compelled to  bed rest.

I wonder at such traumatic changes. Does it really matter, how much I have achieved?

Have I savoured the times I enjoyed with family and friends.

Importantly have I looked at my eventual goal in life?

This will not be easily accepted. We plan for holidays and so much more.

“Do you know where you are going?” These are famous words asked by the renowned basketball player Pete Mavarich, also called ‘Pistol Pete’, because of his brilliance in the game. He continued “ I know where I am going, and am preparing for it” A week later he died.

Our lives change when we are aware of our destination.

I too am aware where I am going, and I will certainly ensure that I prepare  for it every day.

Yet often when I even mention this, my family  does not like to hear any of it.

But is not death certain? Do you fear it?

There is no need to fear. Life does not end , but only changes.

‘If our hope in Christ has been for this life only, we are the most unfortunate of all people.

But Christ has in fact been raised from the dead , the first-fruits of all who have fallen asleep. (1Corinthians 15:19,20)

When this perishable nature has put on imperishability, and when this mortal nature has put on immortality, then the words of scripture will come true: Death is swallowed up in victory. Death where is your victory? Death where is your sting? Now the sting of death is sin, and sin gets its power from the Law. So let us thank God for giving us the victory through our Lord  Jesus Christ.

(1Corinthians 15:54-57)

Are you afraid?

Then remember these words of Jesus  ‘  I am the living bread which comes down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever; and the bread that I shall give is my flesh  for the life of the whole world.’ (John 5:51)

Jesus also assures us ‘ And know that I am with you always: yes to the end of time.’ (Matthew 28:20b)

So it certainly does not matter, how high or how fast one paces one’s life. Reality strikes, when one is faced with the inevitable.  Reflective moments are necessary; so when  you next take a coffee break, take time to smell the coffee and let your thoughts flow.

Dande’s care for Mother Earth

This man is multitalented. He is an expert photographer, interior designer, landscapist, which includes rock garden and finally a horticulturist.

He promotes natural products like coconut oil, which is helpful for many ailments.

One of his prize creations is “liquid gold” which promotes growth and keeps plants absolutely heathy.

I was very impressed to see his garden. Even though Goa experienced heavy rains, and many flower bearing plants got affected, we still saw his garden looking good.

His Benauli Coconut tree is only 3 years old with a height of about 5 feet, and has already produced coconuts in plenty; he says this is the first  case, to see such fast growth.

His little pond has  an abundance of fish, but he does not feed them. They live just like fish in rivers , from natural sources in the pond itself. They  breed in large numbers, but he did not tell me the name of this species. At times harmless snakes also came there to feed on the fish. ( I have an aquarium of tropical fish, which require feeding  from dry shrimp food or red worms)

His “  liquid gold” is a real wonder.  My wife is an avid lover of plants and I have seen the change that has come in our garden after using this liquid. Plants are absolutely healthy and soon some start bearing flowers in abundance.

What struck me is that Mr. Dande,  loves his work and is a  firm believer in looking after the environment. According to him, all the natural disasters have in many ways occurred because, man has not cared enough for his surroundings.

We procured beautiful begonias in pots. He also had brilliant red anthuriums  which we rarely see.

The waterfall in his garden, flows rapidly into the pond. Lotus leaves float on the pond’s surface. A rock creation seems to climb upwards, and nearby is a natural rock bench. The overall ambience was so peaceful. Just talking to Mr. Dande, gave me hope that if every one makes an effort to care for our environment, we can look forward to more beauty around us……To  make it a better world!!!

A visit to his garden is most welcome : address – Ashok Dande,  Nagali, Taligao, Goa India 403002 .

Not a thing

Not a thing

Things to grasp, and possess,

Who can discern,

It’s here today and gone next morn.

Not to hold forever.

We possess only joy,

Of what we give away.

Share with those who have less,

To be a brother in this brief stay.

Fly free from fickle fortunes,

And be content to care for


And yet be carefree.
After all, it’s not ours to hold,

But yet to be a steward,

Of all He gives,

We came and leave with,

Not a thing!
1 Timothy 6: (7) We brought nothing into this world and we will leave it with nothing. Let us then be content with having food and clothing.