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Life changing decision

Why am I saying this ?

Work can be very fulfilling when one is motivated and a person can enjoy what work one does .

I disliked the work I did at the early stage of my career . As a result I was not happy.

I absented myself often, taking full advantage of all the leave I had whether it was casual, sick or privilege leave.

This went on for many years . I got transferred to another unit of my organisation and was also given a temporary posting at another. Finally I was given a third transfer where the work was tough and stressful .

At this time, I realised something very important : Who am I serving ? Is it only the boss ? At every unit where I was transferred, the boss had changed .

How do I cope with the different bosses ? Then one day it struck me that there is only one boss for not only my career at work, but for my entire life. This boss is my God who has created the entire universe .

From that day onwards I worked with renewed vigour. I began to enjoy what I was doing and work became fruitful.

Soon the time came to move on, as my company was not doing well and there were serious efforts to downsize by offering ‘VRS’ which is a voluntary retirement scheme. I applied along with many others, but was not released.

At this time, the Lord gave me courage and wisdom to leave . Teaching always appealed to me. Soon I got a job as a lecturer in a college. My work was noticed by my seniors and subsequently I was offered the position of ‘Principal’. With this position and my experience in senior management in the previous job I was offered a job as Senior Manager of a 4 star hotel.

That proved the most successful part of my career. It was a Christian organisation.

With the cooperation of the person I reported to, we recruited many young people, and introduced many changes like the entire computerisation of the booking system, a fire safety project and a licence for the restaurant, besides upgrading the menus.

So in the end it was the realisation of my service to the Lord Jesus that I saw this successful progress. Eventually when I finished my work career, I was called to lead my church community, which was truly the culmination of my service to the Lord !

Render service with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not to men and women, knowing that whatever good we do, we will receive the same again from the Lord. (Ephesians 6:7,8a )