Dande’s care for Mother Earth

This man is multitalented. He is an expert photographer, interior designer, landscapist, which includes rock garden and finally a horticulturist.

He promotes natural products like coconut oil, which is helpful for many ailments.

One of his prize creations is “liquid gold” which promotes growth and keeps plants absolutely heathy.

I was very impressed to see his garden. Even though Goa experienced heavy rains, and many flower bearing plants got affected, we still saw his garden looking good.

His Benauli Coconut tree is only 3 years old with a height of about 5 feet, and has already produced coconuts in plenty; he says this is the first  case, to see such fast growth.

His little pond has  an abundance of fish, but he does not feed them. They live just like fish in rivers , from natural sources in the pond itself. They  breed in large numbers, but he did not tell me the name of this species. At times harmless snakes also came there to feed on the fish. ( I have an aquarium of tropical fish, which require feeding  from dry shrimp food or red worms)

His “  liquid gold” is a real wonder.  My wife is an avid lover of plants and I have seen the change that has come in our garden after using this liquid. Plants are absolutely healthy and soon some start bearing flowers in abundance.

What struck me is that Mr. Dande,  loves his work and is a  firm believer in looking after the environment. According to him, all the natural disasters have in many ways occurred because, man has not cared enough for his surroundings.

We procured beautiful begonias in pots. He also had brilliant red anthuriums  which we rarely see.

The waterfall in his garden, flows rapidly into the pond. Lotus leaves float on the pond’s surface. A rock creation seems to climb upwards, and nearby is a natural rock bench. The overall ambience was so peaceful. Just talking to Mr. Dande, gave me hope that if every one makes an effort to care for our environment, we can look forward to more beauty around us……To  make it a better world!!!

A visit to his garden is most welcome : address – Ashok Dande,  Nagali, Taligao, Goa India 403002 .

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