Less is More

This is the story of the greed for more .

There seems to be a paradox ‘that less is more’; It counters the thought that more is better.

There was a man ,who was doing very well in his business. His name was Adwell .

He started with a small store .

When anyone met him , he greeted them

“Hello Sir , how are you and how can I help you ?”

I was surprised at his courtesy and willingness to show me around.

“Oh , I’m ok , and thanks for your kindness;

I’ll look around and see your range of products on display.”,

Adwell was a ‘jack of all’ trades. He kept a wide range of products.

I asked him , “‘Do you have liqueur chocolates ? “

“ I’m sorry sir , but I do have various other chocolates . The ones filled with almond , caramel , raisin and rum , marzipan and milk chocolate.”

“I’ll try the ones with marzipan.”

“Will you be able to get liqueur chocolates later?”

“Oh yes, I’ll arrange for that” was his response .

So this was his way of doing all he could to increase the variety of products , thus doing his best to please his customers .

His business grew and he diversified to other forms of business .

He hired staff and had branches in other places.

I visited him at the old location and enquired, “Could I meet Adwell ?”

“No sir, he is too busy at a meeting’ .

Adwell obtained licences from the government to get involved with the railways , airports and even real estate .

Now here is what happened.

The greed for more , led to a sudden loss .

Why ? Adwell suffered a serious illness; hypertension and heart related problems.

He was unable to handle his affairs and gradually began losing all he had gained.

He was compelled to slow down. He saw his businesses slipping away as well as his health .

Eventually he was left with what he started.

I met him again and enquired ,

“ How are you, Adwell ?”

“ I’m not keeping well and unable to work like before. I was happier with my small store . I missed meeting my customers.”

Could it be that less is more ?

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