Turn off the Shower

Running shower head

So it’s Day 3,of my stay at the hospital.

The care has been excellent. I’m in line for the CAR-T Cell Therapy at Glasgow. In view of this latest treatment for cancer, hygiene is given utmost importance. My room is self contained with the bath attached.

This morning I arose a little late as I was in pain .

As a result, my morning routine changed . I had breakfast and then proceeded for a shower. I was surprised when the nurse called out a little later,

“Turn off the shower.”

“I’m ok “ I replied , thinking that she came to help me .

Again she called out with urgency.

So I hurriedly wrapped the towel around me with some soap still on myself.

As I opened the bathroom door I saw a pool of water in the room. Water had also flowed out into the corridor .

Most embarrassing: three nurses were helping to swab the floor.

I asked them apologetically , “ How do I continue to shower?”

“ Turn the shower towards the wall.” was the response . ( apparently this had happened before)

So the next time I will have to go into the wall !….I chuckled to myself.

Solution : a mason or plumber required to channel the flow of water into the drain .

Some think , the nurses may have to wait for a good length of time before that happens.

In the mean time here’s advice to all including me “turn off the shower’ and save water !”

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