Fleeting thoughts —-  Quo Vadis ?


What is in a birthday?  Comes a time when one suddenly appreciates this special day and needs   time to reflect.

I have fond memories of my childhood. A twin brother was a bonus. In addition I had three more elder brothers. School days came back to me in a flash. On my birthday , I had a good laugh recollecting those days.

College was even more interesting. Newfound freedom in everything….sports, relationships and studies. But there lies the turning point. With all the fun and popularity there was a downside to this as I never organized my studies and often times exams brought on stress which left me unprepared.

Thereafter involved a change of streams in discipline several times until I finished with Hotel Management and went on to make a career in it.

The best part of this entire youth stage of my life , helped me in two ways.

  1. I suffered a lot with failed relationships, a very average performance in college after the frequent changes and poor self image
  2. Those very setbacks, helped me to understand youth much later

The most Important aspect of all the setbacks was my search for the Lord and then encountering Him not just once but on numerous occasions. He is today my ALL.

I am blessed with a loving wife who is my best friend, and 4 lovely children. They have now grown up and finding their way in life. All have grown in their faith walk.

After a  diversified career : I say diverse as I first spent 28 years in the hotel division of Air India. It seemed interminable and boring until I discovered in the latter 6 years of this tenure, who is the real ‘Boss’. Obviously it is the Lord Almighty. Thereafter I saw fruitfulness in my work and later was bold enough to quit the organization and move as a lecturer with the Naval Institute of Technology. My  career then just went into high drive when I was appointed Principal of the Naval Institute. This was a revelation as to how the Lord empowers a person with wisdom when He appoints, and when He is given first place in one’s life.

After 4years of service at the Institute I was offered the Senior Manager’s position at the YMCA International House at Mumbai Central. These were opportunities to give back what I received when I struggled. I look back with joy , for the opportunity to serve so many, and specially the youth.

My Youth Work at the Church Community was also blessed , and it gave me great joy to be an instrument to serve the Lord and help so many youth in their faith walk.

Today I now  lead the adult community , with its outreaches to young couples , young professionals and youth. The work is challenging, more than the secular career, but a joy to know that I serve in the Lord’s vineyard.

I look ahead and wonder, …. and am fascinated to see such developments. I have also become a grandfather. I can talk a lot of my children, but then it requires another blog.

Where to from here? At 65 is it time to slow down? Do I need to spend  more time in contemplation. I read and reread many a time the gospel passage which relates to  Mary and Martha. Mary took the best part. Did that mean that she neglected her responsibilities. I wonder.

But I know that the more time I give of myself , to the Lord, the more and better can I receive grace to serve Him in  the ways He calls me.

I also wonder from the human angle , how does one adjust to the empty nest.

I often think of the future. I think that presently I am ready for His call. But then do I have a choice.

What if He requires me to stay on till the age when one cannot go where one wishes to go….as Peter was told. How does one deal with failing memory and other faculties.

I know that I will always take one day at a time. Do the best I can. And leave the rest to our Father in Heaven. May His Name be glorified forever!!! Till that Day , when I see Him face to face!

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