Soli- two-d


When I look at the sun setting , it evokes tremendous feelings . How many sunsets have I missed.

I am well on in years, which means 365 sunsets a year, and with the number of years one has lived, it means , missing out on the beauty of a sunset that many times.

I have sat at one or two sunsets in solitude,and waited patiently to see a myriad of colours appearing at the dip of the red globe. I have seen it from the top of a hill  and at the sea shore. Its beauty continues to excite me.

Here  I think of work and rest. I have grown up with the idea implanted in me that , work is important. Though I detest the idea of “ Work is worship”. Work has its place in one’s life. It is important to make a living. But I think that “Rest” is also important. What would happen if you run your car continually without a  break. That will spell disaster for your car, as a) you will run out of fuel b) your car will eventually breakdown.

Have you heard of the World War II, when In the USA , during the height of the war, the government thought that the best way to increase production, was to drop the rest day. Did it work? Certainly not! The result was man’s capacity for productivity decreased and in the process, absenteeism increased, with people reporting sick.

So coming to rest ….. Since time immemorial, you hear that if one wants to reach that place, then one needs to ensure that one takes time to rest. This is the time when one is most creative. After all, our Creator also rested after His work of creation.

In Solitude , one  meets your innermost core, and hopefully meet the Lord Himself.

During my timeoff at a Retreat Centre, I had these few days to spend time in this fashion. It was not time lost though. The days of Solitude also became days of Soli two-d,  as I had the opportunity to go for walks with my Retreat Master,  who is a very contemplative priest. We hardly spoke , except on these walks, when he shared some of his wisdom on the Rock of Ages. He had seen so many sunsets, that he even knew where the sun would set at which part of the various hill ranges at different times of the year.

I did get to capture this wonderful sunset along with him, as a passerby, very kindly helped to get this on my camera.

Solitude is so important, but there are times one can share times of quiet, even with another ; and even in your own home.

Do take the time, to step back and view life, …… don’t let it pass by in a flash… There is so much to see, and share. Then you return refreshed and revived to walk on!!

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