Before or After ?

You may wonder what this is all about.  Have you heard an eulogy?

Many may have heard the good deeds of a person, or the wonderful life that he or she lived after his/her demise.

I have a question. Why does one wait for a person to leave this world to speak well about him/her?

Will it benefit the person any more when he/she is gone?  Or is it only for the family members to hear about his/her life, which they now begin to appreciate even more.

Will anyone ever speak ill of a person who has breathed his/her last?  Very rarely..

So let’s break tradition.. we can affirm people NOW! Tell them what we appreciate about them when they are here in our presence and will be encouraged .  It will make a world of a difference..

Don’t shed tears after your loved one has gone. Tell him/her exactly how you feel about the impact on your life. If you have anything negative, then, please do not share it with others.  Rather think of the good that a person has done. Speak about that to the person directly and even to others.

Build up people , ….do not pull down…

So speak before and not after; Speak about the good before and not after..

Your good words spoken ‘after’ will only be an echo, which the departed soul may not hear, and would have greatly benefitted him or her in their lifetime……probably to know and be appreciated.

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