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Why ? English Premier League & FPL


Do you agree that football is one of the most popular games worldwide?

And which League is the best ?

My interest began about 8 years ago, when I was aquainted with youth who were great lovers of football. So I wisely began following some teams at the top of the English Premier League , i.e. Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal. Sometime later I was told by a young Man United fan, “seriously you should follow only 1 instead of 4 teams, its not fair to back so many teams .” ( As one of these could be serious contenders to Man United which was one of the best teams at that time). So that was the time I decided to follow Liverpool.

Their theme song ‘ You will never walk alone’ always inspired me .  However Liverpool did not fare very well , and most often was in the top 5 or at times even lower in position on the table.

Many of my acquaintances joked with me, “  your team will be walking alone”    at the bottom of the league.  I know and I’m sure most Liverpool fans will agree, that the resilience of the team and the perseverance  to ‘never give up’, has been a significant part of the character of the team members.

 Even though   Liverpool slowly   improved in their position since the past few years, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020, have been a revelation. They were remarkable in their victory at the UEFA Champions League in 2019 and that same year in the EPL ,  ManCity won with just 1 point away from runnersup Liverpool .

Liverpool also won the Nations Club World Cup in 2019 .  

This  year 2020 was    even better, when they ran away with a margin of 25 points from second placed ManCity.  To think that no team on the EPL can overtake them , is enough to consider them as Champions of the English Premier League. It will surely be cruel to see nobody being given the Cup, because of non-completion of the remaining  match fixtures. This is   a delicate matter, mainly due to the  last 3 teams who are fighting to avoid relegation.  I hope wisdom prevails to resolve this matter.

Now I will share a bit of my involvement with the FPL ( Fantasy Premier League). I had never understood how the points system worked with the selection of a team. Thanks to one of the young men Wendell, I learnt the ropes to form the team ‘Challengers’ this year. The previous years team was formed too late after the season had started so I was way down in the league table.

This year my team ‘Challengers’ did quite well to  lead in two  private leagues 1) GenSYS league table and 2) Londinium . In both tables my team’s  current   Postion is no. 1 . This came about with some constant watch and study of good players from the different teams. Many factors come into play, whether its a home match,   form of the players, formation whether defence or attack oriented,  and making transfers  to get the best team. This foray into the FPL led me to watch even more matches in the EPL , as   it gave me insights into the best football players from the other teams.

I am not surprised to see guys  , getting their teams ready before the Friday deadline for team selection.This can be to the annoyance of others who are not involved, ānd  find that enthusiasm difficult to digest.

In conclusion , I am overjoyed to see my team Liverpool on top of the English Premier League table and my team ‘Challengers’ also top the private leagues of the FPL that I have participated in.

I hope that the Corona virus pandemic will end in the coming months, and we will appreciate coming back to our normal lives. ….which will also include sports …and football….and the EPL.         

In the meantime, we




AND THE SWEET SILVER SONG OF THE LARK……..so walk on , walk on , with hope in your hearts.