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Clouds Sublime

I look up and smile,
Sunny skies all alight.
The brilliant blue ,
through cumulous clouds.
When will I see you,
Water borne,
And waiting ,
Ready to provide.

I thirst and cry,
For your riches
Of heavy clouds;
An outpouring
Of sustenance
On my well being.
Seeming Problems,
Seen Solutions .

Overcast skies
And dismal scenes
The very struggle
For daily needs,
And lo such growth
With hues of green,
Fresh and free,
Forever thankful,
Oh Lord to Thee!


wp-1466576546490.jpgI drift along with numerous others,
In various shapes and shades,
A thrill of flying over peaks
A beauty to behold

Hills await, a thirst to quench,
I carry a burden,
It opens up, streams of rain,
And blessings flow.

Pray do you carry a burden
Does it weigh you down?
Know this, when you are relieved
Of this be sure ,
Burdens become blessings.

Simple Beauty


I walked down the woods

And passed the geraniums,

Violet in colour, and

Delicately poised

Noticeable and yet

Not so ……

And then the old oak tree

Tall and mighty !



How do  you explain

The simple petal

So gentle and mild

Can it compete

With the solid oak

In all its grandeur;

Yet they stand

To complement each other.


If the petal and the oak

Are here today ,

We too stand together,

Strong and weak,

With strength and beauty

Needing each other

From the rising to the setting

Life in perfect harmony

To Goa-‘Bon Voyage’


A trip to Goa

On a coastal voyage

Buoyant at sea

From morn to morn

When time seemed still

Until the arrival at sunrise


The first glimpse of white beaches,

Beckoned one even more,

As one sailed into the stream,

With pine trees ever watchful,

Oh such joy to see that Goa.


It was an arrival to a quiet life

With sleepy afternoons

You may never see a car move

Or even a fly for that matter.

All at their favorite siesta.


Village life even quieter

People in touch with each other

And even with nature

Fields flourishing

And man not worrying


Has it changed, my beloved Goa

The pace of life,

Awakened to the visitors from afar

Whereas that ship has gone,

Into an ocean of memories.


Where is the toddy tapper

And the famous tavern;

People at their balcaos,

Sipping some fav wine

Or local feni, before sundown.


One cannot miss the light house

Which still beckons the traveler

Goans from afar

And those at home

Still in love with ‘Amchen Goem’

The Silence of Wishes


I wish the quiet of the night continues

Into the peace of the day.

I wish that the light of true love shines through the darkness of hatred.

I wish that the sunrise of tomorrow will bring the joys of brotherhood .

I wish thDSC_0181 (2)at people all over the world lived under one roof.

I wish that there was no need of wishes.

I wish that that every wish being granted I develop a heart of a gratitude.

The Call (and memories)

A quiet afternoon,

Your deep sound ,

Oh so sad and sweet;

Brings back memories

Of a childhood long ago.

The melancholy of thoughts

From time so distant.


Is it true that you

Are a  harbinger of rain?

Is it possible that your

Call is so significant?

Where do you disappear

The rest of the year.


I hear you so often

But seldom see;

And can only hear

The  response

And understand

You are not alone.


So you disappear

And reappear

To give us good news

Of  more rains

And  more memories

Of times that unfold

Flight of Fantasy

Flight of Fantasy

He flies , with a few
swings of his wings,
This beautiful butterfly;
Then glides effortlessly
from here to there;
But from where ?
To whither?

A life of beauty and life giving,
flowers profuse,
with a light touch;
And oh such beauty to behold.
Having nothing but yet everything;
And still be content,
To rejoice in the moment

Oh that I could fly
into that world of beauty ,
and savour every moment,
even though brief.
Tomorrow a mist,
Yesterday a memory .
Only one day to behold
‘With gratitude to the Master.’