Chat over ‘Time’

The only time for a chat happened to be on a Saturday. Victor and Anthony are meeting for a  chat over coffee.

Victor :  So where have you been, Tony ?

Tony: Its been very busy , and I have absolutely no time, with all I am doing

Victor: What do you mean ?

Tony: I have so much to do , and so little time

Victor: Is that so?

Tony: Victor you do not understand; I am so different, I cannot sit idle. For me time is precious and I do not like to waste it.

Victor: How will you explain  ‘waste of time’ ?

Tony: I cannot sit still for a moment, and waste time. I need to accomplish all I have set out to do.

Victor: So, that must mean a ‘lot of things to do’

Tony: Certainly. Just imagine me sitting quiet for an hour; I would be lost

Victor: Oh, so you have come to a point , where I may share my thoughts

Tony: Yes Victor , I hope you can help me. Life is become a circle of doing more and more .

And it never ends. I always run short of time

Victor: Just a minute Tony. You just said you run short of time

Tony:  Yes

Victor: But we both have been given the same 24 hours

Tony:  Yes , but I have more to do than you

Victor:  Ok Tony,  just in case your health fails, will you accomplish all that you had in mind?

Tony: Now please don’t get me getting worried on that count.

Victor: This is a serious matter Tony. Life is more than just ‘doing’ things. Take a moment to sit quiet and reflect at the start of the day, then at mid day, and finally at the end of the day.

Tony: What do you mean?

Victor:  I mean , sit still, reflect, meditate, pray, and you will receive ‘wisdom’

Tony:  You mean I do not have wisdom?

Victor:  I mean, you do not have’ time’ to receive wisdom. Try taking time off , as I recommend. You will know ‘wisdom’, when you understand how to spend your time, and know important from the unimportant.

Then you will have ‘time’ to accomplish what is needed during the time given to you.


Think about this: We have knowledge unlimited with today’s technology, but how much wisdom, do we have to apply this knowledge into our lives? Am I able to control time?

Or does time control me?

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