Anger- a problem?


The root of anger is the thought process. Whenever I have been wrongly treated or faced aggression, or even got into heated arguments, I get angry.

Much as people advise, controlling anger is a big challenge. When such a situation arises, the mind and body do get affected. Further the body systems get into a hyped mode and can cause the repurcussions which lead to increased blood pressure and severe headaches,  lack of sleep and other ailments.

The best ways of recognizing the beginnings of anger is to see whether one is affected by the turn of events in relating to another. Will the reality of losing any agument or  discussion upset me.

How can I overcome anger. The best way is to have an attitude of detachment.

Will winning or losing any argument or discussion,  give me that much more joy, or  lead to ill health .

How about thinking about the interests of others. Does that sound strange?

On the contrary , whenever one thinks genuinely of the interest of others, one builds very good relationships for the future. After all when I thing of the well being of another , it helps the other person to realize that being largehearted, is a gracious gift to another, and has ripple effects. More good is channelized by the promotion of such attitude.

Not all anger is wrong. When a person sees another doing wrong which affects others  by this unjustified behavior,  we  certainly need to take steps to ensure that the person is apprised of this behavior, so as  to take remedial /corrective measures.

However the best tonic to deal with anger is to refrain from reacting , and  to respond with

a sound mind. Further if one has been wrongly treated, forgiveness is taking the high road to help mend relations.

It makes good sense to “ Never let the sun go down on your anger” Forget about revenge, getting even or churning up the thoughts of events leading to the arousal of anger.

Peace of mind and heart are tonics for a happy  life.

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