A ‘Cuppa Tea’

A ‘Cuppa Tea’cup of tea

Sharma and Prakash were soon approaching their destination at Bandra station. Sharma tall and grey, ready for a little relaxation looked at Prakash.in askance….”Are you ready for a cup of tea?” He asks the shorter and more serious man.
” Sure, well, which tea are you interested in. I like masala chai” says an overworked and tense Prakash.. Then Sharma with a wisp of hair just drooping over his thoughtful forehead, looking surprised, replied, ”  Not only masala chai, but green tea, black tea, coffee…you name it and you get it.”
The question now is : what has this meeting got to do with tea or coffee.
Is it an offer to relax and chat or is there something more.
Will Prakash drop his tense manner or will it continue over the tea chat.
The answers spills out when Sharma shares his story. In a,slow walk to the tea centre, his story gradually unfolds. He is in the last stage of cancer. He has prepared for his final journey. He only wants to spend his last days on things that matter.
Friends are forever. So why wait for the final departure. Today matters. Treasure every moment.
Do the best that one can! Reach out and touch people’s lives.
As the scout’s slogan goes :
Be Ready!
To face the Master… and hear him” say:
“Welcome good and faithful servant,
Enter into the joy of your Master”

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