The Story Today

What is the essence of good story telling . The days of ‘Once upon a time ‘ have long since changed . Today a story can be short , sweet, and dynamic , to catch one’s attention.

As stories develop . Some end with with meaning and some seem to leave the reader to speculate . There can be more than one ending in such cases .

The best of course will be a story ending with a message .

How does one begin a short story? Do we just plunge into it and pick up the different aspects of characters involved ? Or do we introduce the story in a formal way and describe each character in detail.

How does one do this ? Bringing a character alive is a gift . Probably one can visualise persons we have seen and start describing them to get an understanding of the skill of description.

In a dialogue , lots can be said . Well known authors go on to even bring out the dialects and characteristics of a person in the course of the dialogue .

Stories can appeal to young and old. Some authors specialise in children’s stories.

Then there are different categories which are referred to as genres . There can be ones with humour , crime, adventure and romance .

The key to good writing is editing. We can have two elements with us . The good one which appreciates and affirms . The bad one which criticises . A balance of both goes a long way .

We nurture our writing skills when we take time to read , and devote an equal time to write .

Cultivating this daily habit , helps in improving our expressions in writing .

So let’s be creative and bring out the best of our dreams and fantasy .

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